“Basij Cyber Battalion Empowerment Course” was being held at the Abali Camp in Tehran.

NOTE: Below is an Iranian observers review of Basij Cyber Training ranging from cyber personas, denial and deception, hard core hacking, impersonation of groups associated with Reza Pahlavi and associated groups, trolling, and infiltration of American organizations. In their words …

We cover preparatory and operational stages of cyberattacks prior to deploying counters to falsehoods in cyberspace, non-inclusively.

The Internet is available without filters and high speeds so that Islamic virtual warriors can penetrate deep into enemy positions for training, maneuvering and reconnaissance operations. It is worth noting that in these camps everything is thought of, next to the workshops, there are places for the Ghusl of Ghasab, where crusader warriors who have penetrated too deep into enemy positions can return to the Ghusl of Ghasab (and become cleansed of the corrupted trappings of the West).

Basij reportedly founded the “Basij Cyber Council” in 2010 to recruit hackers to infiltrate particular websites and emails under the direct supervision of IRGC experts. In November 2010, Hossein Hamedani, Former Commander of Tehran IRGC, reported that 1,500 “cyber commandos” had been trained by the Basij Cyber Council. That number has grown significanly since 2010.

In the course of empowering the Basij Cyber Battalions, there are several areas the adjunct professors teach:

Specific courses for “trollist” operations: for trolling and psychological warfare in cyberspace. In these courses, the trainees are introduced to a variety of trolling tricks in cyberspace and learn the tactics of disrupting the enemy’s front and attacking the reputations of well-known figures and manipulating cyberspace.


Abali outside Tehran

Special courses to seduce and provoke the enemy to engage in unauthorized or behaviour unbecoming. Fortunately, with the use of many available students, a large number of female Basijis participated in these courses and declared their readiness to be close to the enemy and carry out operations over age 18 years at any level needed.

The Cyber Council Committee comprises seven “battalions” – politics, culture, social concerns, media, economics, women’s issues and Islamic jurisprudence – each of which deals with issues “targeting the West in Iran’s soft war against its adversaries.”


The head of the Basij announced the presence of “thousands of cyber battalions” in the cyber space (September 2019).

Virtual Gender Change and Female Accountability

Courses : During this period, the brothers in the Basij Cyber Battalions learn how to ignore their gender and immerse themselves in the role of a subtle, fun, playful and beautiful creature. To attract likes and dislikes or become known. For this purpose, the two special battalions of Abdullah and the special squad of Qasesmioon infiltrate the enemy’s heart using images of near-naked beauties. It should be noted that Abdullah’s goal is to capture with techniques such as a sexy makeup conditions and the like to influence enemies in cyberspace. In order to identify and infiltrate the enemy’s environment, a special Qasesmioon Evolution Battalion is launched where Yasser, Meysam, and Amar, with their Natasha, Nazzi, and Perry accounts, use their camel’s tactic to deceive their prey.


Satellite view of Abali

Special Periods of Subversion and Opposition to the System

Imam Khomeini’s Battalion operating under the Lion and the Sun flag and attacking other opposition groups and insulting everyone in favor of the monarch’s supporters being interrogated by the IRGC. They are both more verbose and more brutal than cereberal. Alongside this battalion we also have a Muslim bin Aqil battalion, under the direct supervision of Master NF. The Battalion’s work is highly specialized and sensitive, and its task is to demonstrate that the opposition is tied to specific systems. Screenshots, snapshots, and fallacies, conspiracy theory (introductory and advanced) as well as special disclosure courses including behind-the-scenes, screenshots, overheads, darknet, etc. This battalion is specialized in cyberspace.

lion and sun flag

Lion and the Sun Flag (Pre-Iranian Revolution (1979) 

The final thing about this camp was that it was very clever and amazing that all the battalions were listening to the unauthorized songs of Los Angeles before being sent to the fronts of the soft war against the enemy rather than songs of our religious anthem. So that they can properly immerse themselves in the liberal role and anti-revolutionary systems performing their missions to the best of their ability. Of course, this had disadvantages along with its benefits, and unfortunately some people failed to return to the initial phase after the end of the cyberattack (i.e., they liked American values).

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