#Mahan #Iran and
Mahan Air has been sanctioned by the #US because of its #military use and assistance to the region’s militias.

The company is led by the IRGC, which brought both #Corona into the country and provides transportation weapons to the region’s terrorist network, and does not hesitate to endanger the lives of civilian passengers.
Cartoon by #بهنام_محمدی

ایران_بریفینگ / #ماهان #سپاه و #سپرانسانی
#ماهان_ایر به دلیل استفاده #نظامی و کمک به شبه‌نظامیان منطقه تحت #تحریم‌ #آمریکا قرار گرفته است.

By Treadstone 71

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