Cyber attacks on Israeli infrastructure

Today, the Israeli Ministry of Transport and infrastructure engineering companies, which plan and implement metro networks, civil and military tunnels, and rail and transport projects within the entity, have been targeted.

The hacker Ismail Man 54 hacked the Ministry of Transport, obtained files and infrastructure plans for Israel and published a sample of them on his account.

This attack comes in response to the recent struggle of Israeli officials against Algeria, led by Eddie Cohen, who gloated about the fires burning in the forests of Algeria.

In another separate attack, the Bar-Ilan University research network was targeted with a double attack with a ransomware virus to encrypt and erase data, and the attack is still going on until now.

Bar Ilan is a university established in 1955, located in the city of Ramat Gan. The university has 26,000 students, including 6,806 graduate students. It was named Meir Bar Ilan.

Some files are on the account of Ismail Man 54:
The Zionist newspaper, Jerusalem Post, confirmed the second attack on Bar-Ilan University a few hours ago: