Bushehr on Fire – Shipyard بوشهر

Widespread fire in the first tank of Bushehr, shipyard next to Saipa. One of the most important factories in Bushehr caught fire


In the midst of internal and external crises, the clerical regime launches deliberate fires to divert the minds from the path of overthrow; But these murderous mafia tricks have been blindly exposed, and it is not too late for the Iranian people to burn the dictatorial palace of Khamenei’s infamous regime to ashes in the fire of their wrath.

Rumors indicate that Saipa is also exposed to fire, the fire is so great that you can not even approach the street.
کارخانه لنج‌سازی دلوار کشتی بوشهر در منطقه تنگک از دقایقی پیش دچار حریق شد.

Qaani’s statement on Bonhomme

A floating factory located in the first Tangak neighborhood (one of the southern neighborhoods of Bushehr) caught fire this afternoon.

Firefighters are coordinating in the Municipality of Bushehr, nuclear power plants and the General Directorate of Ports and Maritime province


The water supply tanks of the Water and Sewerage Company are participating.

3 floating fires in Bushehr

In the videos released from this incident, at least three vessels caught fire and a large amount of smoke covered the area of this factory. No confirmed that 7 vessels are burned completely.

This factory is engaged in the production and manufacture of fiberglass vessels.

Due to the strong wind and the type of fiberglass materials used in the construction of the dinghy, the fire has intensified and 7 dinghies have been burnt in the fire so far…