Lab Dookhtegan August 3

Here is a photo of Mohammad Makarian, another member of the Ansar Group, hacking and security team. The evil-smelling Islamic Republic has tasked this bastard exclusively to hack many targets and in these two examples are Saudi military websites selected for his hacking.

The Islamic Republic, assisted by Makarian and like him, has hacked Saudi military websites, stole Saudi military personnel’s personal information, and begun threatening these Saudi military personnel whenever it gets the chance.

For the sake of its survival, for strengthening its illegitimate base, and for legitimizing its suppression of the oppressed Iranian people, the Islamic Republic undermines the region security, initiates crisis in the region, and pushes Iran towards an unjustified war.
The arrogant bastard Mohammad Makarian even does not give a fucking shit about the information security of this confidential document as he was asked.