An explosion targeted an Israeli team a secret document about Jebel Ali port

A secret document issued by Dubai Police reveals that the Jebel Ali port explosion last month occurred as a result of a bomb explosion in one of the cargoes parked in the port, killing 3 Israelis and wounding others.

Al- Mayadeen obtained a secret document issued by the Dubai Police, regarding the explosion of Jebel Ali port, on July 7, and classified as “very important.” 

The document referred to “the presence of an Israeli team consisting of 6 people at the moment of the explosion in the port,” which was caused by “the explosion of a bomb in one of the shipments parked in the port.” 

The document confirmed that “3 Israelis were killed and two seriously injured” as a result of the explosion, after which “some bodies were buried and others were transferred to their countries under the supervision of the police due to the sensitivity of the situation.”

According to the security report whose report was leaked, the explosion was caused by a bomb in one of the shipments near the ship berth in the port, and the intensity of the explosion led to the fire reaching the OCEAN TRADER ship

The document stated that the residents 50 km away “felt the explosion, which led to the destruction of all the nearby shipments,” while the media were prevented from “covering the news, photographing the scene of the accident, sending pictures or preparing reports.” 

International agencies reported hearing an explosion in the Emirate of Dubai as a result of “unknown reasons”, last month, and residents of the Jebel Ali area reported that “their homes shook due to the force of the explosion.

According to the leaked documents, the explosion killed 3 Israeli engineers present at the scene and seriously injured two others, as well as wounding 12 port workers and 4 crew members, who were transferred to the Royal Hospital in Dubai.

According to the orders of Lieutenant-General Abdullah Khalifa Obaid Saqr Al-Marri, the wounded are under special care in the emergency and intensive care department, and the hospital is under observation by the police. The bodies were also buried and others were taken to their countries under police surveillance.

The report shows that by order of the senior Emirati authorities, investigation activities of the media were prevented from the explosion incident, and the media were prevented from covering the news, photographing the place and preparing press reports.

The document expresses the arrest of three foreign nationals suspected of committing this terrorist act.

Dubai Police announced the purpose of the explosion, which is to target Israeli engineers, but due to the presence of shipments and chemicals inside the port of Jebel Ali and other ports, the United Arab Emirates may suffer heavy damage, especially since these explosions are likely to occur in the coming months.

Dubai Police suggested, before the Expo 2020 International Exhibition, that all shipments in Dubai ports and other areas be examined with screening devices to ensure that there are no explosives inside. Because the repetition of this explosion when the Expo is held can degrade the UAE’s status in tourism and transit.