— The list of ministers (cabinet) proposed by Ayatollah Seyyed Raisi, Iranian president, has been submitted to the Islamic Consultative Assembly.

•Ministry of Interior: Ahmad Vahidi
•Ministry of Intelligence: Khatib
•Ministry of Energy: Mehrabian
•Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Amir Abdolhian
•Ministry of Economy: Seyed Ehsan Khandozi
•Ministry of Education: Hossein Baghgoli
•Ministry of Cultural Heritage: Zarghami
•Ministry of Labor: Hojjat Abdul Maleki
•Ministry of Science: Mohammad Ali Zolfi Gol
•Ministry of Defense: General Ashtiani
•Ministry of Agriculture: Seyed Javad Sadati Nejad
•Ministry of Health: Bahram Ainollahi
•Ministry of Guidance: Mohammad Mehdi Ismaili
•Ministry of Oil: Javad Oji
•Ministry of Justice: Rahimi

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