Moved rapidly east of the Caribbean Sea and near the waters of Venezuela – Oil for Gold

Venezuela’s defense minister has announced that the military will escort them to the Venezuelan monopoly zone (the red part of the map, which is not large) by air and sea as soon as Iranian tankers enter.

Map showing the position of Iranian oil tankers headed towards Venezuela and the approximate position of the US navy

– Iran is believed to be selling Venezuela fuel in exchange for gold, ditching the US dollar and sanctions imposed on both countries.

– The US recently said that it is “considering a response” against the Iranian tankers…




Now, if the tanker reaches this area, it means that there is no news of the seizure and it easily reaches the shores of Venezuela, in fact, if the US Navy intends to seize it, it will do more than this area.

Immediately after the Venezuelan Defense Minister’s televised speech, the US Navy’s Detroit class Friedrich class and the Fourth Fleet sent to the Caribbean region moved rapidly east of the Caribbean Sea and near the waters of Venezuela. The ship also disabled its global time finder some time after its departure.