Jahromi Behaving Badly ?

According to the reports, Azari Jahromi has been summoned to answer to the Tehran Prosecutor’s Office due to widespread violations in the Ministry of Communications!

Azari Jahromi, had difficulty answering the the prosecutor’s standard questions about the violations committed. The prosecutor did not issue an arrest warrant for Azari Jahromi due to his being a minister, but warned him that he must correct the violations or other actions will be taken.

Instead of correcting his behavior, Jahromi decides to never go to his office at the Ministry again, instead staying at home (likened by Iranians as behavior of an angry child).

The question that arises here is whether the blood of the Minister of Communications is more colorful than the blood of individuals in society, i.e., why is he so special over the rest of us?

It should be mentioned that during the past year, documents about the abuse and bribery of Jahromi’s relatives such as Ms. Sana Asadian (sister), Fatemeh Sahraeian (brother), Samaneh Asadian (wife) and Zeinab Jahromi (sister) were published on social media. have been. This time, it seems that Ayatollah Ra’isi’s razor of justice has gone to Azari Jahromi and the country’s digital economy mafia.