BLACK SHADOW – #Russian hacking gang Conti seized the data of prominent figures in politics, art and sports

The below is taken from supporters of Black Shadow

The famous Russian hacking gang Conti seized the data of prominent figures in politics, art and sports, including state leaders, movie stars and wealthy people in the process of stealing the files of the British bidding house “Graf Diamonds”.

The hackers stole 96,000 confidential documents from 11,000 customers of the jewelry house, containing the personal information of celebrities, including the famous American program presenter Oprah Winfrey, retired football player David Beckham and his wife, actor Tom Hanks, former US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania, Sir Philip Green and the heiress of “Formula 1”.  Model Tamara Ecclestone, former footballer Frank Lampard and others.

The hackers released some data that they said represented one percent of the total, and are now demanding tens of millions of dollars in bitcoin ransom to stop the release of more sensitive information.

The stolen documents include customer lists, invoices, receipts and credit notes, and may be embarrassing to customers who have, for example, bought gifts for their mistresses in secret or took jewelry as bribes, according to the “Daily Mail”.

A million dollars or the details of millions are published

After hacking the “Atraf” application, which specializes in dating and LGBT, the Black Shadow hackers threatened to release the data of millions who used the application’s services if they did not receive a million dollars in ransom within 48 hours, and stated that among the users of the service were personalities and celebrities within the entity.

The hacker wrote: “We want to speak with a VIP, obviously this is not an important issue for them, we know that they all have concerns about the ‘Atraf’ database as you know we want money, so we made our decision.”

And they added, “The ‘Atraf’ database includes one million people, including their conversations, invitation cards, information on purchases, etc… and everything on the site. If we get a million dollars within the next 48 hours, we will not leak this information and we will not sell it to anyone.”  .

After the threats were published, the Telegram application deleted the hacker group’s Black Shadow channel from the platform so that they could not communicate, and the group’s website on the dark web has been suspended for a while, and we will provide you with the leak links as soon as they become available.

After the 48-hour deadline given by the “Black Shadow” hackers to transfer the equivalent of one million dollars in Bitcoin expired, the hackers published the database of one million Shaz users of the Atraf application after negotiations failed.

The 740MB published database contains 9 huge files with the names of hundreds of thousands of gays and gays, their phone numbers, their addresses, places of work, email addresses and the type of payment card, and one of the files contains the names of those who left the LGBT community in the Hebrew entity  also.

The lists that have been published contain private information, including the location of residence, and the geographic location on Google Maps also shows hundreds of thousands of gay people.

Through the negotiations that we were briefed on, a negotiator offered to pay a quarter of the value of the ransom, which the hackers rejected, to raise the value to 350 thousand dollars and then to one million dollars, but not in Bitcoin.

An offer that the Black Shadow hackers rejected completely, so the negotiator returned with a new offer of half a million dollars in bitcoin with a threat from the negotiator not to tamper with the government, to end up leaking the data after the end of the period granted.

The Black Shadow group vowed that “what happened is not the end, we have other plans, we will see you in the next attack.”

Direct link to download the leaked data, delete the stars: