#Tigray Forces Request #Iran to Stop Selling #Drones to #Ethiopian Government

The Twitter account of the Tigray forces has written a letter to Iran in Persian and English, calling for an end to the sale of weapons and UAVs to the Ethiopian government.

Satellite imagery had previously confirmed the presence of at least two Mohajir 6 reconnaissance / combat drones in Ethiopia, but given the high number of transport flights from Iran to Ethiopia, the number of drones is definitely more than two, and there is excellent logistical support provided.

Tigrai Hub is publishing a letter to the Iranian government, religious leaders, prominent figures and the wider Iranian community about the consequences of providing drones to Ethiopia and urging the government not to do so.

As mentioned in the replayed post, according to the New York Times article, Iranian drones were the main cause of the defeat and retreat of Tigray forces from near the Ethiopian capital, and the protest of its Tigray account in Persian and only to Iran itself confirms its role. The color of the Iranian drones is to inflict numerous casualties and defeats on the Tigray forces, while the government of this country also has access to the Chinese drones (by the UAE) and the Turkish drones.

ADDIS ABABA, Jan 8 (Reuters) – An air strike in Ethiopia’s Tigray region killed 56 people and injured 30, including children, in a camp for displaced people, two aid workers told Reuters on Saturday, citing local authorities and eyewitness accounts.

Military spokesman Colonel Getnet Adane and government spokesman Legesse Tulu did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s spokeswoman Billene Seyoum did not respond to a request for comment.

Quds Mohajir 6 is a #Soleimani legacy connection with Ethiopia. His relationship with the government facilitated the sale of these drones now responsible for hundreds if not thousands of Ethiopian deaths. Qods Mohajer-6 (Persian: پهپاد مهاجر-6)

Iran begun mass production of the indigenous-produced Mohajer-6 tactical and combat unmanned aerial vehicle in February 2018. Mohajer-6 is said to be the first UAV of the Mohajer family that is armed with a guided weapon system and is bigger than the other types of Mohajer family. Brig. Gen. Hasannejad said 17 July 2019 the delivery of the Mohajer-6 combat drones would begin a new phase for an extensive use of drones in the Army Ground Forces’ operations. “With the deployment of these unmanned aerial vehicles, any threat to the Iranian borders and even beyond the borders, will be identified, tracked down and removed before it could even take form,” Brig. Gen. Hasannejad stressed. The drone has the capability to carry out surveillance and reconnaissance missions, and enjoys a wide operational range and wingspan with a high precision. Other features, according to the commander of the drone unit, include “the ability to carry precision-guided projectiles, high tolerability in various weather conditions, and easy use in various geographical locations.”

The government has previously denied targeting civilians in the 14-month conflict with rebellious Tigrayan forces. The spokesman for the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) that has been fighting the central government, Getachew Reda, said in a tweet that “Another callous drone attack by Abiy Ahmed in an IDP (Internally Displaced People) camp in Dedebit has claimed the lives of 56 innocent civilians so far.”