The plane was a Boeing 737-800, not the Max. Iranian Disinformation

Iranian gov propaganda and outright lies as they claim the Ukrainian flight crash was a 737 Max.

The video evidence shows the complete clearing of the Ukrainian plane’s crash site of any remaining objects, before investigators / investigators were able to investigate.
The Ukrainian airlines aircraft whose compatriots were killed was regrettable and sad. This is the construction of the United States and so far has crashed in several countries. Death of 522 people in the American flying coffin last year alone. It should not be allowed to fly in Iranian airspace.
In fact, Iran likely shot the plane down by mistake, or even a drone was in the flight path (possible but unlikely at that altitude)
A Boeing 737- 800 aircraft belonging to the Ukrainian International Airlines UR-PSR registered as flying from Kiev to Imam Khomeini Airport at 6:12 am At 6:18 am, near Saba Shahr, Tehran, Iran crashed after being cut off from traffic control.
The aircraft has 167 passengers and nine flight crews, and initial reports indicate all passengers were killed.
Yesterday several locals posted snapshots of a defensive rocket on social media sites, found near the crash site.
Law enforcement officers stationed at the scene of the crash of the Ukrainian Boeing plane prevented any traffic or viewing at the crash site since yesterday evening, including the locals of the residential area.
Earlier this morning, several witnesses reported hearing the movement of excavators and loaders at the crash site. Several loaders and bulldozer units were transporting dirt to the area of the fire and crash.
Iranian military officials are apparently seeking to eliminate any trace of their panicked and mistaken self-defense firing on a Ukrainian Boeing aircraft. Now they refuse to turn over the black box.در حالی که جنگ روانی گسترده ای درباب سقوط هواپیمای اوکراینی درجریان است ویدئویی از یک فروند Boeing 737-800 در روز گذشته در فرودگاه بن گوریون اسرائیل موتورش آتش گرفت اذهان را بدین سو‌ متبادر کرد که اساسا این کمپانی دچار چه تحولی در فرآیند تولید خود گردیده که در طی یک سال گذشته سوانحش تا بدین حد افزایش یافته است. لازم به ذکر است که در ماه اکتبر و مارس سال ۲۰۱۹ دو ‌فروند هواپیمای بوئینگ دچار سانحه شدند.مرکز مطالعات خلیج فارس
Head of Ukrainian Crash Investigation Team:A Ukrainian team including disaster investigation, crisis management, identity recognition, international relations, aircraft operator company arrived in Tehran this morning.Hassan Rezaifar added:
The team was welcomed by the State Aviation Authority and a preliminary meeting is scheduled to discuss the Ukrainian plane crash. Other countries are also invited and are awaiting their response, based on the international standards of Annex-ICAO.He continued:The Disaster Investigation Team invites grieving families of the accident to send their requests to or phone / fax;