Iran’s IRGC successfully fires fully camouflaged underground missiles.

In the recent Great Prophet 14 war game, Iran has successfully shown that it has the capability to fire fully concealed underground missiles. This makes Iran one of the only countries in the world to master this technique.

New video showcases The Great Prophet 14 war games in more detail.

– The IRGC Aerospace Force unveiled and test-fired its new underground missiles during its aerial and naval drills. Underground missiles are ready-to-launch missiles that are reportedly “planted” in the ground like a missile farm. This is viewed as the latest achievement made by the IRGC Aerospace in its missile program.

The maneuver also saw the IRGC launch missile strikes against a life-size replica of the THAAD defense system as well as an aircraft carrier, where the mock targets were successfully hit by the Iranian missiles.

– In another phase of the large-scale drills, Su-22 fighter bombers destroyed their assigned targets using homegrown precision-guided bombs, dubbed Yasin.

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