Belarus authorities detained 33 suspected Wagner PMC MERCs

“Belarus authorities detained 33 suspected personnel of Russia’s Wagner Group near Minsk. (UPDATE 7/30/2020)

According to BelTA, more than 200 militants arrived on Belarus territory to ‘destabilize the situation during the election campaign.’

“33 Russian PMC Wagner were detained near Minsk.All Russian Federation citizens”

“Secretary of National Security council of Belarus: neither FSB nor GRU informed our special services about transfer of PMC mercenaries to 3rd countries”

Wagner PMC – Militants of a foreign private military company detained near Minsk | 29-07-20
— “The law enforcement agencies of Belarus received information about the arrival of more than 200 militants on our territory to destabilize the situation during the election campaign.Upon arrival in the capital on the night of July 24-25, the group checked into one of the hotels in Minsk and was supposed to move out on July 25, but left the hotel on July 27 and moved to one of the sanatoriums in the Minsk region.According to the administration of the sanatorium, the newcomers drew attention to their behavior, uncharacteristic for Russian tourists, and uniform clothing in the military style.”

At Belarus National Security Council:”Lukashenko:
— Are you sure they are from PMC Wagner?
Chief of KGB:
— Yes”

— Screenshots from Belarusian media reports over the Wagner Group members in Minsk.

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Ukraine, Syria, Libya… Russian Wagner mercenaries are in Belarus now….

More than 200 mercenaries tasked by the Wagner group entered Belarus to interfere and influence the upcoming presidential election on August 9. (1/8)

Yesterday, Belarussian Security forces detained 33 Russian mercenaries.

Following the detainment of 33 Wagner members, President Lukashenko summoned National Security Council. (2/8)

Lukashenko: “Russia even accuses us to bring these mercenaries to our country. Russia is trying to legitimize its dirty plans.”

Russian Wagner mercenaries participated in various conflicts intervened by Russia such as Crimea, Syria, and Donbas. (3/8)

Recently, Wagner mercenaries have shown up in Libya.

In addition to the being one of the most important fighting forces to assist Haftars assault to Tripoli, Wagner also participated in various illicit activities in Libya.


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