“According to some reports, employees of the “MAR” PMC, who arrived in Belarus for transit to Turkey, were detained in Minsk, and from there the guys were supposed to go to their place of work (presumably, guarding the oil port of Zuvara, Libya).”


Libyas prominent oil fields and naval ports are seized by the Russian Wagner.

The detainment of Wagner members in Belarus is not a coincidence. (5/8)

Wagner Group is notorious for intervening in foreign elections and forcibly disrupting the public opinion.

In 2019, 2 Russian citizens were arrested in Libya with the charges of spying and espionage. (6/8)

During the investigation, it was understood that 2 Russian citizens were present in Libya to meet with Saif al-Islam Gaddafi and secure his victory in upcoming elections. (7/8)


According to Russian Military Media:
— “The Russians detained in Belarus are employees of the PMSC “Mar”. During the interrogation, they themselves said that they were going to Turkey.

According to current information, they should have signed a contract in Turkey for the protection of the Zuvara oil port (which is under the control of the GNA).

From Turkey, they had to take a civil flight either to Tripoli or Misrata. There are no flights to Benghazi or anywhere else on Haftar’s territory from Turkey. In Belarus, there was just a transshipment point.

None of the detainees has anything to do with the” musicians”. Mercenaries.

— “Secretary of National Security of Belarus just now says that security service are looking for more militants, again confirmed number of 200 suspects on the loose.

Says that they were prepared terror attacks.

Security will be increased during mass rallies”

— “Serhey Cherechen: “There are militant groups, and more groups from Russian Federation expected to come”

— “Andrey Dmitriev: according to Ravkov 2 groups near Pskov and Nevel are being prepared, some of detained militants testify that “they came here to make a revolution”.

“Guys trained for sniper and bomb attacks” “

By Treadstone 71

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