Project 971 Leopard

Diving progress: how Russia’s submarine fleet will change in the coming years

"Boreas", "Ash trees", "Poseidons" and other novelties of the Russian Navy "Trout", "Orca", "Catfish" and "Sturgeon" - the so-called submarines, which in 1906 became part of the Russian fleet. In the same year, on March 19, Emperor Nicholas II issued a decree on the inclusion of submarines in the classification of ships. Since then, this date has been celebrated as the Day of the Submariner. Izvestia looked into how submarines are built in Russia today and what kind…

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Upgrade of Russian Leopard nuclear attack submarine nearing completion

The heavy upgrade of the Russian Leopard nuclear attack submarine is nearing completion. Akola 2 Leopard submarine was supposed to be ready to return to service at the end of 2021 after the modernization program (upgrading to the 971M class standard), but now, with a delay of two years, it is finally scheduled to serve in the North Sea fleet at the end of 2023. In upgrading the Russian Akulas to the 971M (Akula…

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