Project 677 Ladi

Diving progress: how Russia’s submarine fleet will change in the coming years

"Boreas", "Ash trees", "Poseidons" and other novelties of the Russian Navy "Trout", "Orca", "Catfish" and "Sturgeon" - the so-called submarines, which in 1906 became part of the Russian fleet. In the same year, on March 19, Emperor Nicholas II issued a decree on the inclusion of submarines in the classification of ships. Since then, this date has been celebrated as the Day of the Submariner. Izvestia looked into how submarines are built in Russia today and what kind…

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Russian Threat Disinformation on their Submarines

🇷🇺 The first ammunition load of nuclear supertorpedoes "Poseidon" for the special-purpose nuclear submarine "Belgorod" has been manufactured. This was reported to TASS by a source close to the military department.“The first Poseidons ammunition has been made, the Belgorod submarine will receive them in the near future,” he said.According to the interlocutor of the agency, separate tests of the main components of Poseidon, including a nuclear power plant, have been successfully completed.Earlier, TASS reported that…

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Russian Lada-class submarine Velikiye Luki to be launched soon

A ceremony of launching the newest submarine Velikiye Luki of project 677 Lada was held in St. Petersburg Submarines of this project belong to the fourth generation of non-nuclear submarines. To date, they are recognized as the most modern and promising domestic non-nuclear submarines, both in terms of combat effectiveness and other tactical and technical characteristics. The only shipbuilding plant of this class is JSC "Admiralty Shipyards." The hull of the submarine is made of…

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