BREAKING: The American ZOG has arrested several Shia Muslims over alleged money laundering to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Sayed Ali Khamenei, along with other outlandish allegations such as them traveling to Syria and visiting IRGC bases.

Full press release by the US government:

This is likely part of a crackdown by the American ZOG on Shia Muslim activities in the US.

According to the dossier, those arrested were involved with Islamic Pulse, a popular digital media platform that promotes the teachings of Shia Islam and Wilayatul Faqih.

Where the pigs got them was that they allegedly took cash to Iran for the sake of a charity drive for Yemen, which the US ZOG alleges was given to Imam Khamenei’s office, which is under US sanctions.

However, the ZOG has ZERO proof for their claims. Not only that, it is totally illogical to frame someone for a crime like this, because in Iran debit and credit cards from the outside world do not work due to sanctions. If you are a traveler and need to survive in Iran (i.e. shelter, food, etc.), you need to bring cash, and the best way to survive the fluctuating exchange rates and hyperinflation is to bring US dollars. So by that notion, the US ZOG has essentially opened the floodgates to arrest anyone who travels to Iran, because anyone who travels to Iran must bring cash on hand with them in order to survive.

Does this benefit the American people? Of course not. The US ZOG along with Mossad and their Saudi/Emirati lackeys created ISIS, and Iran defeated ISIS. Meanwhile the US suffers record unemployment.

If you are an American and you are sick of the US government doing everything except serving the American people, then please find some constructive way to stand up against this unjust arrest of innocent people based on bogus allegations.



By Treadstone 71

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