Lukashenko, who was filming the protesters from inside the helicopter, called his opponents “mice”, then his helicopter landed at Esteghlal Palace.

A video has appeared in which Lukashenko examines the situation near his residence from above. And if you had suspicions earlier that the guy with a gun in his hands in the previous video is his son, you are not mistaken.

Full version of the video of Lukashenka, who examines the situation around his residence from a helicopter

In the video, Lukashenka is flying in a helicopter over Minsk and asks the pilots to fly closer to the avenue near the Palace of Independence.

Then Lukashenka is asked: “Where are they?”, Meaning the protesters. He replies: “They ran away…

Lukashenko, armed with an AKS-74U grip and wearing a bulletproof vest, while his 15-year-old son with He was accompanied by a full-fledged military and armed AK-S74U, got off the helicopter, walked to Esteghlal Palace, and asked those around him to leave him alone. They are thanked and encouraged.

By Treadstone 71

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