Iranian Passive Defense Council of Hormozgan Province

The recent Passive Defense Council of Hormozgan Province was attended by Sardar Gholamreza Jalali, the head of Hormozgan Defense Operations Organization, Dr. Fereydoon Hemmati, Governor of Hormozgan and a group of officials and managers of the province.

At the beginning of this ceremony, Commander Jalali pointed to the supreme leader’s special emphasis on the subject of passive defense, saying: In the current situation, the subject of passive defense is more sensitive and should be given more attention.


He said: Threats, vulnerabilities, their consequences and passive defense are important issues in the way of threats, so we need to identify threats and vulnerabilities and develop and implement passive defense patterns.


Referring to the political clashes between Iran and the United States, the head of the passive defense organization said: “The strategy of reducing commitments (i.e., pulling out of agreements, pulling back from globalization) has left the enemy in a position of weakness and the diplomacy of the country is forever moving.”

Commander Jalali, referring to the superiority of the Iranian Armed Forces and the US Air Force spying and the destruction of the US spy drone, said: “The drone downing by Iranian troops showed part of the true deterrent power of Islamic Iran and surprised the enemy.”

“Although a small part of the country’s real defense capability, it has had many strategic effects on the military equations in the region and around the world,” he said.


“The enemy has used many of its offensive cyber capabilities against the country, but they have not used all their capabilities against us so we still have a security problem. We have thwarted many of the enemy’s intelligence plots,” the head of the passive defense said.

Referring to the declaration of the US open war on the Islamic Republic of Iran against the Islamic Republic of Iran, Commander Jalali emphasized: In this atmosphere the country needs to have a serious defense arrangement.

He emphasized that Americans are more dependent on cyberspace than Iran. “Today, the priority of the country is to create a defense shield in the field of cyber infrastructure,” he said. (Dezhfa)

“The enemy uses social networks to manage the country’s mental space and create economic discontent,” he said, noting that the enemy’s attacking us economically through sanctions is an important and dangerous issue.

Commander Jalali emphasized that for every layer of war that the enemy has to have a special defense version, said: Hormozgan Province, due to the special position and leadership and one of the most important waterways in the world, the attention to passive defense requirements is critical.

Sardar Jalali emphasized: A Hormozgan Passive Defense Comprehensive Plan should be formulated, reviewed, and executed as soon as possible so that we can come to the aid of national functions in any situation and hope it will be resolved by the authorities in the province. We will do this soon.

The head of the Passive Defense Organization stated that the most important focus of passive defense is the overall protection of the people: The importance of this issue is to the extent that in all scenarios of threat, priority is the protection of the people.