 Swiss researchers trained a drone to scare away pigeons. During the tests, they activated the system 55 times, reducing the number of birds and their time at the location.

The scientists set up a camera on the roof of the SwissTech convention center and recorded the behavior of the pigeons for 21 days. They trained a neural network to determine their number and exact location, as well as transmit this data to the quadcopter.

When the algorithm detected a large gathering of birds, the drone activated and drove them away with noise without causing harm. However, due to local safety regulations, researchers were required to obtain a permit for each takeoff.

During the experiment, scientists also made several observations about the interaction of pigeons and a drone. For example, large flocks were often frightened by a drone just taking off at a distance of 40-60 meters, while smaller groups ignored its approach up to several meters. Also, some birds immediately returned to their place if the drone flew away quickly.

By Treadstone 71

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