ROBO-SHARK is a bionic underwater robotic platform used in the ocean with high speed and low noise. Thanks to its feature of being able to track the target quickly, ROBO-SHARK can do missions like closing up rapidly, cruising with high mobile force. The robot takes the real shark as the prototype, with the motion being generated by the three-joint caudal fin instead of the propeller that can effectively lower the noise cause by the operation and reduce the power consumption as well. The shell is made from sound-absorbing material which makes it can be easily disguised. With the motion being generated by the caudal fin, ROBO-SHARK can travel at speed up to 10 knots

Platform parameters:Dimension:2200*930*850mm


Battery:24Ah lithium battery

Speed:at 0-10 knots



Light adjustable

New photos which were first demonstrated in 2019 at the 5th Beijing International Exhibition of Obstetric Technologies.  Bionic waterless underwater drone supplied with cameras with automatic balancing high resolution, pre-opening steering functions with the ability and ability to independently return to base.  Optional possible establishment of additional military appointments.  Maximum depth of up to 150 meters.

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