Hey #Twitter – International Twitter Storm. Anniversary of Death of Qassem #Soleimani

International Twitter Storm on the occasion of the second anniversary of the martyrdom of Martyr Haj Qassem Soleimani and Martyr Abu Mehdi Engineer

یکشنبه ۱۲ دی ماه ۱۴۰۰
⏰ ساعت ۲۲ تا ۱:۲۰ بامداد 

From now on, prepare your tweets in the most used languages of the world, with the following hashtags:


Be careful how you write the hashtags.

“It is recommended to copy the hashtags in the tweet to avoid errors”

Try the content of your tweets to include the following:

Appreciation of all those who are examples of heroes for the country (in order to continue the path of Hajj Qasim).

Explain the role of Martyr Soleimani and Martyr Engineer in the fight against terrorism and to create peace and security both inside and in the region and other countries.

Explain the personality traits of these two martyrs

The need to emulate the people and officials of these two martyrs

سالگرد شهادت سردار شهید حاج قاسم سلیمانی