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“The Kremlin must raise the stakes and demonstrate its capabilities to the West, otherwise the new phase of the Cold War will end with a very disappointing result for it.” – Belarus Gulag

Several sources have published a rough scenario for the Kremlin’s provocation against Ukraine: it should be carried out “under a false flag.”

This incident will serve as a formal reason for the invasion of Russian troops and the transition to a large-scale military confrontation.

“Any state terror begins under the pretext of “care” for citizens, and ends with numerous victims of this very “care”.

This practice has been used repeatedly in world and domestic history.

When carrying out such provocations, it is extremely important to literally immediately put forward the official version (it actually becomes the only one), and all others that contradict the “party line” should be marginalized and banned.

Even if fatal inconsistencies are found in the official version.

Counter and Contain

The Putin regime will not be able to carry out a provocation “subtly” and competently – there are simply no performers of the level required for this.

If the Kremlin tries to implement its plan, then another information fiasco will come out, purely for the internal audience of Simonyan and Solovyov.

RT editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan, on the air of the Evening with Vladimir Solovyov program on the Russia 1 TV channel.

However, for such an audience, no reasons are needed – they are ready to approve the “camp on Kiev” even without formal pretexts.

After the failure of “Putin’s ultimatum”, the Kremlin must raise the stakes and demonstrate its capabilities to the West, otherwise the new phase of the Cold War will be completed with a very disappointing result for it.

Ukraine, for such an “increase”, looks like the most obvious option.

Here are the versions of the development of events, from the Belarusian Gulag:

  • Mass execution of peaceful Russian-speaking residents of Donbass by “Bandera” (in the role of which, for example, militants of PMC “Wagner” will pose); 
  • The murder of Russian border guards by “polite people” (little green men) in the form of the Armed Forces of Ukraine;  another BUK…

Belarus Gulag

December 6, Buks were seen near Voronezh – the same missile launchers as the one from which the Malaysian Airlines Boeing was shot down over the Donetsk region of Ukraine in 2014.


There are many options – the essence is one. Friends, we are watching the development of events, maybe Lukasescu will agree to the role of a provocation.

Bandera and the Recent Cyber Attack

Ukraine suspects Belarusian special services of a cyber attack on the websites of government agencies

On the night of January 13-14, an attack occurred on a number of websites of Ukrainian government agencies, including the Cabinet of Ministers. The content of the first pages has been changed. They featured a message in three languages ​​that talked about a data breach and contained threats.

According to Serhiy Demedyuk, deputy secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, malware similar to that used by a group linked to Russian intelligence was used.

He said Ukraine blamed yesterday’s attack on a group known as UNC1151. (Ghostwriter)

“This is a cyber-espionage group associated with the special services of the Republic of Belarus,” he said.

“The attack on the sites was just a front for more destructive activities that were taking place behind the scenes and the consequences of which we will feel in the near future,” Demedyuk said in a written comment.

Bandera flags and marches are showing up in the Ukraine likely laying the groundwork for one of the Russian preyexes for war.

As an uncompromising leader of the militant, terrorist branch of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), Bandera became a Nazi collaborator who lived with his deputies under German protection after World War II began. In preparation for the attack on the USSR, the Nazis recruited Bandera’s followers to act as Ukrainian-speaking policemen and to serve in two Ukrainian volunteer army battalions. By working with the Nazis, Bandera hoped to free Ukraine from Soviet rule and establish his own government there. An independent Ukraine, Bandera promised, would remain friendly to Germany. The Soviet KGB assassinated Bandera in 1959

вежливыми людьми – Russian mimic of US “hearts and minds”

“polite people” is a euphemism for servicemen of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in uniform without insignia who blocked strategic facilities in Crimea during the annexation of the peninsula to Russia, an Internet meme.

Putin set a task in the Kremlin for the Minister of Defense and the Chief of the General Staff, demanded that the actions of Russian troops in Crimea be extremely polite and even intelligent. These instructions were then brought to each sergeant, not to mention the generals. This was said both before boarding planes and ships, and when landing on Crimean land.

And the very expression “polite people” became popular after the Russian military took control of the Supreme Council of Crimea.

On the night of February 27, electricians and plumbers on duty remained in the building of the Supreme Council. When armed men without identification marks entered the building, they announced to the entire duty shift that they could go home and consider this day a day off. One of the plumbers was caught sleeping in the basement. He was terribly frightened of unknown people, and they helped him get dressed, escorted him out, wished him a good day and waved to him. Then a Ukrainian journalist approached this plumber under dozens of foreign television cameras and said: “Ivan Ivanovich, were you beaten? Have you had your fingers stuck in the door?” He scratched his stubble for a long time, not knowing what to answer. Then this journalist asked: “What are these military people like?” He replied: “You know, they are kind of polite.” This is where the expression “polite people” comes from.

Polite people ” were dressed in a new all-season set of basic uniforms, which was designed and sewn in Russia in 2013. This kit is the same for soldiers and officers. It includes 23 items: a suit, several jackets, a vest, a beret, a balaclava, three types of boots (summer, demi-season and winter), gloves. Eyes were covered with standard ballistic goggles.

In fact, the “little green men” did not try to hide their faces; in many pictures with Crimeans, they were photographed without masks. And the faces of the military were hidden under warm balaclavas for only one reason: during the forced march, an order was given for a single winter field uniform, and the order cannot be violated.

3 rules for polite people

The development of one’s own personality is impossible without observing the generally accepted etiquette that everyone should know.

  1. A polite person does not forget to say at a meeting. He also always says goodbye at parting, apologizes if he caused inconvenience to someone and thanks for any services rendered to him.
  2. Another sign of politeness is the ability to treat others with respect, regardless of their social status. Courtesy and benevolence should be shown not only to those older in age or rank, but also to colleagues, subordinates, as well as to people who have not been able to realize themselves in life.
  3. A cultured and polite person does not harm others. He treats requests with due attention, is always ready to help and does not participate in gossip. He does not forget to smile, because a courteous smile is the key to success in many things.

Rudeness and incontinence always repels interlocutors and becomes a serious obstacle in achieving the desired goals. Those who choose this format of communication find it difficult to make friends, earn the respect of others, and even achieve success in their careers.

Joker a deflection?

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