Foreign Ministry spokeswoman #Zakharova announced the transfer of militants from Western countries to #Ukraine – #Disinformation

Varvara Koshechkina December 12, 2021

Crimea24 TV The Propagznda Mouthpiece for Putin

Western countries are sending militants to Ukraine under the guise of instructors. This was stated by the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( MFA ) of Russia Maria Zakharova on the air of “Crimea 24”. A complete fabrication and typical of Russia accusing others of doing what it has already done.

“Ukraine is being pumped up with weapons – we are talking about direct deliveries, we are talking about contracts for the future, and, as you can see, these are multimillion-dollar contracts in the aggregate. We are talking about transferring there under the guise of instructors just militants, ”she said.

Earlier, Ukrainian Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov asked the military from England, the United States and Canada to protect the integrity of the state in the event of aggression from Russia. He called on allies to provide non- NATO aid to Ukraine . An example of such cooperation could be the sending of more military instructors to the country, he said

A simple solution would be for Russia to stop invading other lands and to pull back the 100k+ troops from the border.