Now to Musk’s purchase of Twitter. Musk, who thinks in certainly different concepts than the classic “right”, however, the transformation of Twitter from the “left” liberal environment to the “right” conservative (rather than right-liberal) environment in itself is a bad sign for Western politics.

Twitter for the US is Telegram in terms of political and media influence.

And in this context, Twitter’s earlier rather rigid rules allowed for the containment of extreme populism based on discrimination.

Let’s put it this way: Trump being able to speak from the Twitter podium again is not exactly a good thing.

And this is not about freedom of speech, but about acceptable boundaries – including the sacred inviolability of the Capitol. An attempt at a populist coup d’état on behalf of a person who steals secret information from American archives, thereby giving the press and agents an opportunity to learn about the methods of infiltration and work of American intelligence services, is several links of anti-state behavior that borders on treason.

The return of “former outcasts” to Twitter will turn this political mouthpiece into a scandalous cesspool of right-wing populists who have nothing in common with right-wing ideas.

Putin’s address yesterday is a vivid example of the very “right-wing populism” that is based on an ultra-conservative approach to traditional values.

Putin, waging a political-military war with the West, for the layman builds a picture of “ideological confrontation” of traditional values ​​(church, heterosexuality, sovereignty) with “Western” ones (freedom in the manifestation of sexual, religious, cultural, gender affiliation).

Putin’s theses – for all their caricature – just contrast modern Western thinking and the Russian “right” movement, based on pure populism.

Putin’s traditionalism, Trump’s traditionalism and the Italian “right spectrum of forces” are links in the same movement towards an anti-human environment.

It’s not about the “leftists” who “want to divide everything”, but that the right idea from the “invisible hand” migrated to the superpowered paw of the state, which exercises full control over what is considered to be a social norm.

The new “free” Twitter The mask is Twitter, where right-wing populist outcasts will inflate the ratings of right-wing populist outcasts with stories about “dirty migrants”, “Europe’s dependence on dollars”, “the need for negotiations with Moscow”, etc.

It just so happens that Putin has been sponsoring ultra-right movements in Europe since the beginning of his coming to power. In fact, the Kremlin sponsored openly aggressive fascist organizations.

Now, adherents of the same ideological scheme “the other side of the geopolitical board” – the States represented by Musk – are opening access to key mouthpieces.

And the problem is not that the radical left and the radical right are equally ridiculous; the essence of the catastrophe is that right-wing populism has catastrophic consequences for the world order, in contrast to left-wing populism, which has left the global political agenda, turning into an acceptance of obesity, hair in the groin and armpits, an unwashed head, etc., becoming a narrow stronghold for extremely disparate groups that cannot identify for themselves a “point of confluence” of interests; in turn, the right-wing populists have such an articulation point – and Putin “hit” it yesterday, trying to win over not so much the Western elite as Western marginals who claim to be elitists.

And the negotiations, 8 allusions to which Putin made during his speech, the Kremlin can conduct not with the current “centrists”, but with the rightists, whom Moscow is pumping through the energy, fuel and armed crisis. For negotiations, Moscow needs those who ideologically stand on the same semantic substratum as Moscow. Moscow needs Trump’s America, Le Pen’s France, Orban’s Hungary, Vucic’s Serbia, and so on.

After all, as we can see, it is with right-wing populists that the Kremlin is able to establish contacts.

By Treadstone 71

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