Images of the arrest of Mohammad Safaei, a student of the operating room department of Jundi Shapur University of Ahvaz, who was arrested by Khamenei’s mercenaries tonight in Sadaf dormitory.

Explanation: A few hours ago, the security forces attacked Sadaf Boys’ Dormitory of Jundishapur University and after arresting several students along with beating and using stun guns, they have now taken the dormitory under control.
They have commented.

It is said that Mohammad Safaei, Karim Jami and Jamshid Elahian are among the arrested students of Jundishapur University tonight.


“Stealing two students at night from Sadaf dormitory of Jundishapor University of Ahvaz”

“Dishonorable agents of information entered the boys’ dormitory of Jundishapur University in Ahvaz in private clothes and stole one of the children from the dormitory, dragged him to the ground and took him by force. At around 12:40 p.m., he was taken to the dormitory door. Pulling a gun on the students who were with them, saying that if they don’t go back, we will shoot them, taking them by force.

Apparently, the guards of the dormitory were already in coordination with them and they left the dormitory a few minutes ago, and there is no news of them until now.

The children are all gathering in the yard and chanting slogans

When they shoot with guns in the dormitory, it means that we don’t have any security anymore. We don’t have neutrality anymore, we have to fight them with our bare hands.”
The morning of November 7

By Treadstone 71

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