But the offensive plan of our Army may not be so complicated.

  • Destruction of power supply nodes in Ukraine.
  • Attacks on logistics hubs of railway and road communications.
  • Destruction of tunnels and bridges.
  • Destruction of all buildings in which state administration institutions are located.
  • Liquidation of the political leadership of Ukraine.
  • Sabotage operations to undermine military supply centers, training, intelligence, etc. in Poland, Germany, Romania, the Baltic States, England… This should be a large-scale attack.
  • Internationalization of the armed forces, involvement of allies: Vietnam, North Korea, armed formations from the CIS countries, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa, etc.
  • Purchase and supply of troops at the expense of countries – military allies. Nothing more to be ashamed of.
  • Attacks on military satellites of Western countries over Ukraine.
  • Air defense, no-fly zone over Ukraine, electronic warfare.
  • Destruction of strategically important dams.
  • Carrying out a tightly controlled, detailed and coordinated offensive operation.

To do this, change the cadres, who consider such a plan to be unnecessarily inhumane, while considering the death of our servicemen as acceptable losses.

Introduce executions for committing war crimes and negligence under the leadership of the SVO. Transfer powers to a specially created unit: SMERSH.
This is in general terms.

Ready to get started right away!

And most importantly: destruction on the spot, even for attempts to organize negotiations.

By Treadstone 71

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