Yemeni Ghost – Sponsored by the International Volunteer Ambassadors Foundation
*Its free programs that will be launched tomorrow Saturday 19/6/2021*
*Online and via the WhatsApp application*
*The ➊ first program*
*Field survey program using electronic forms*
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*Group No. 2*
*The second program* ⇐
* Feasibility Study Program *
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*group 1*

*Third Program* ⇐
*Leadership skills*
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B 4 Fourth Program * ⇐ / Course. Art. Dealing. With. *
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Modern Diploma in Business Administration
Program *International Computer Driving License Diploma* ICDL*
for two months

Features.certificate.  tt
*Accredited certificate from Sana’a International Academy*
*Accredited certificate from the International Humanitarian Ambassadors Foundation*
*Certificate containing a password to verify the authenticity of the certificate*

*How to obtain the certificate will be explained on the first day of the course*

*For inquiries and registration: 776592918 *Academy Director:*
Mr. Salah Al-Din Al-San’ani
(Direct chat link)