Jorjandi claims debunked by Unk9vvN

# Unk9_Tweet
A few days ago, the news of the hacking of a professional technical organization spread, and in this regard, people claimed to have discovered the vulnerability and hacked this organization, since the old followers of the unk9vvn team are aware that for the first time we have documented this channel. We announced the discovery of a vulnerability on the main domain of this organization, which at that time was not considered by the media, which, of course, we were not interested in trumpeting this type,

But with Mr. Jorjandi’s post about a personal message about the appointment of his teammate Rajab this vulnerability, we considered it necessary to provide the necessary transparency for such false claims.

As you can see, in the tweets whose link is below the post, we published the relevant documents, as well as documents of the discovery of another vulnerability, this time from the organization database of the whole country. We hope that profiteers who are very They are interested in introducing the activities of the unk9vvn team with their name, realizing that the scientific space is credited based on documents.


Those who send a message to Mr. Jorjandi that professional hacking was the job of our team should know without any scammers, the @ unk9vvn team not only discovered and announced the vulnerability of the main domain, but also the rp domain and the SOAP test service. Online vulnerabilities have also been discovered


Now that you are very interested in the media of the country’s vulnerable databases, I can introduce a more interesting case, which I think can be much more attractive than the professional technician of the country, both in terms of quality and breadth. He should also be more careful about his CMS.

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