Upcoming for Moscow


The end of the era of lies and propaganda is SOON!

The Crimean bridge has been destroyed and now we have a new goal.

The Ostankino TV Tower is a giant needle full of lies on which Putin has planted all of Russia. We will destroy it, just as we did with the Crimean bridge.

From the creators of the site Crimean bridge

An interesting trend is observed in Russia, every day something burns, smokes and explodes there. Either the Crimean bridge will be dropped, or they will smoke near the thermal power plant. But most importantly, good people always warn where and when. Therefore, when we stumbled upon the site https://ostankinotower.online/ in the media, we could not pass by. Hdr0 for safety, therefore, so that as many Orchans as possible know where not to smoke, they opened up on the hoster

https://appletec.ru/, which was bent over and used a long time ago) Traffic was redirected to the site

By Treadstone 71

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