Hezbollah on Pentagon Screens

Iranians all in a joyous roar over their belief that Pentagon screens were hacked as a post with the word Hezbollah on Tv screens circulates. This was not the result of a hack, but part of a CNN TV ad for the show Declassified, which was frozen on the screen in an auditorium.

How easily a thread of an occurrance of some action can be twisted to fit the desires of people.
Former House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers hosts this CNN original series, an eight-part look at complex true stories of America’s covert operations. The newly declassified missions are recounted firsthand by agents from all 16 U.S. intelligence bureaus, providing viewers with unprecedented access to a secret world of espionage. The missions span time periods from Cold War-era Moscow to modern-day Iran, from the streets of 1980s Cuba to Beijing of today. Among the stories covered are the military’s hunts for Iraq dictator Saddam Hussein and al-Qaida leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi