Nor did it take any further action against the dictator and the Kurds

Amnesty International: Turkey committed war crimes, serious violations in Syria

Military clashes between the #Kurdish forces and the Turkish-backed army or forces has stopped.

Turkey continues to seek the occupation of #Ras_Alain and its surrounding villages. The military clashes in the area have been exacerbated. Hours earlier, Turkish troops had removed the border walls, 5km east of the city, to infiltrate northeast Syria from another position.

The situation of the #Kobani Front, which is under the control of the #Syrian and #Russian Forces.
ISIS attacks the #PKK – Caliphate soldiers attacked a barracks of the PKK in the town of Jadid Bakara in Al-Basira (Syria) area yesterday and engaged them with machine guns which led to the destruction of an element, while the rest of them escaped, and the Mujahideen burned the barracks and seized the weapons and ammunition.The latest ISIS News
Vice President Bashar al-Assad on the agreement of #Erdogan and Mike #Pence: Such an agreement is unacceptable. #Turkey invades #Syria and seeks territories. We will also be seeking the retrieval of #Gerablus, #Efferrain and #Edlib.The #Turkish Army has built two new military observation bases near #Russ_Alain on #Syria.Commander of the #Kurdish SDF Forces, General: The oppressed: We were also in touch with thise creating the agreement between the #US and #Turkey. We accept this agreement? The terms of the agreement only cover the current conflict zones. More details will be announced in the future. It is not clear who will control the agreed areas.
Shelling and gunfire could be heard in and around Ras al-Ayn as smoke billowed from locations near the border with Turkey and the Turkish town of Ceylanpinar.
WARNING#Amaq Agency: #Video
A member of the #Iraqi army intelligence was killed after #ISIS fighters captured him in the distribution area south of the city of #Fallujah in #Anbar

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