In the new issue of the al-Naba newspaper

In a new issue of the al-Naba newspaper, IS militants published a photo of a PKK member who was kidnapped and executed inside the city of Raqqa. Terrorist activity was also observed in the province, one of the commanders of the Kurdish forces was caught and executed in the village of Salihia, and 2 IEDs were blown up in the Karama region, as a result of which the PKK vehicle and those in it were…

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White Phosphorus on the front in Syria as the Turkish army and their proxy’s violate the pause against the Kurds / PKK as ISIS / ISIL makes a comeback – AMAQ

Nor did it take any further action against the dictator and the Kurds [wpvideo Cnz12Z7z] Amnesty International: Turkey committed war crimes, serious violations in Syria Military clashes between the #Kurdish forces and the Turkish-backed army or forces has stopped. Turkey continues to seek the occupation of #Ras_Alain and its surrounding villages. The military clashes in the area have been exacerbated. Hours earlier, Turkish troops had removed the border walls, 5km east of the city, to…

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