Link analysis is used to understand and insights into behavioral or functional relationships, means of communicating and being connected, and how connections and relationships work between and among people, organizations, internal network nodes, and networks. A link is an element of a system representing a behavioral, physical, or functional tie between or among nodes. Link analysis relies on in-depth knowledge of connections and the connectedness between and among people and organizations. Links are chock-full of relationships and connections constantly activating, deactivating, appearing, and disappearing. Link analysis is also essential for understanding the connectedness among environmental elements, such as infrastructure, people, organizations, and cultural processes like religion. Links, along with nodes or cells, become essential in day-to-day analysis, planning, decision-making, execution, and outcomes. Links connect:

  • People, things, organizations, processes, transactions, interactions, and activities

Links are reliable conduits of information:

  • Money, thoughts, data, information, and knowledge

Link strength is measured in:

  • Trust
  • Length of time
  • Clarity
  • Visibility or invisibility
  • Proficiency
  • Improbability
  • Link fibrillation
  • Movement and change

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What is the nature of a link? Links can be strong and weak. A network is only as strong as its links. A link’s strength can be thought of as trust between a seller between at least two entities, the length of time a link is operating, and the clarity of link data transmission.

Links are the Achilles’ heel of any network because they can be made transparent, they can be manipulated, and they can be weakened. In addition, links can be made to “fibrillate.” Link fibrillation involves movement and change. This movement and change can be ever so slight, or it can be noticeable. However, with link fibrillation, analysts can cause links to change and therefore show connections, purposes, character, and strength.


By Treadstone 71

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