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When the threat actor and victim agree and other reports on Iranian Offensive Cyber

Iranian Offensive Cyber, and When the threat actor and victim agree The transfer of 50 TB data would not be possible remotely – and on a filtered network such as that of Iran. Iran's official news agency IRNA downplayed the attack, quoting the spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who denied the breach. Download the report Of note on the sheer size of this hack. The normal Internet download speed of Iranian is 11.8…

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When the Threat Actor and the Victim Agree

When the Threat Actor and the Victim Agree Iran has a longstanding history of engaging in cybersecurity attacks, and according to some statistics, ranks fifth among nations known for targeting their adversaries through cyber warfare. Over the years, Iran has unleashed hacker groups against various countries, with little regard to the potential risks to its own internal security systems. This paradox is evident: despite its aggressive cyber offense, Iran has failed to adequately safeguard its…

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جواد غفاری -Lab Dookhtegan

Ghafar Bagheri Esfandoni (aka Javad Ghafari) You are following one of our most important revelations. جواد غفاری طراح نقشه ایران در سوریه که به دلیل رفتار وحشیانه خود در جنگ #حلب به «قصاب حلب» معروف است، مسئولیت نیروهای نیابتی سپاه در سوریه را بر عهده داشت. We have received the details of two traitors who were involved in a traffic accident in Lebanon, which we disclose below. These two Haram Laqmeh are working in the…

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