Are you looking forward to the Wagner concert in Nikolaev? Soon you will have the opportunity to see the world-famous performers with your own eyes. Now you can help in preparation for the concert: provide information about the locations of Ukrainian Nazis and their accomplices in Nikolaev. In addition, soon the inhabitants of the liberated territories will be able to join the ranks of Wagner.

Mykolaiv, or Nikolaev, is a city near the Black Sea in southern Ukraine.

Would you like to join the world-famous Wagner Orchestra and take a direct part in the fight against the modern brown plague? Send a short questionnaire: indicate your age, the presence or absence of combat experience / experience of military service, city of residence, contacts where our personnel officer can contact you.

There is information about the places of deployment of Ukrainian Nazis or the routes of movement of their military equipment – inform Wagner about this. When indicating the location, try to indicate the exact coordinates, the nature of the protective structure, the number and type of equipment or personnel. When specifying the route, try to indicate the starting and ending points, the time and direction of movement, the number and type of equipment or personnel.

If you know about Nazi collaborators in the liberated territories, please let us know.


Hurry up to join PMC Wagner!

To join us – call: +7 (988) 322-43-37 +7 (918) 095-40-16 Or write: Telegram: @ZVEZDA_PLUS WhatsApp: +7 (988) 322-43-37

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PMC Wagner

In the “Wagner Group” there is again a review of newly-minted musicians for tours abroad!

• worthy financial reward (how much is promised, unlike the contract and other companies)
• the best special effects at concerts
• from 24 to 52 years old, good physical fitness, military service is not needed, citizens of the CIS are considered
• the presence of a criminal record or if you are on the black list – call the contacts, they are considered individually
• absence of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis

Write the application and all questions directly here in the telegram: @ZVEZDA_PLUS

Or call by phones:
Mobile: +7 (988) 322-43-37,
+7 (918) 095-40-16
WhatsApp: +7 (988) 322-43-37

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