Direct from the Russian Government. Their latest complaint in the form of a whine, contrary to their illegal invasion:

The problem of cyber war against the Russian Federation should be solved at the UN level – the head of Rostelecom
The problem of cyber attacks on the information infrastructure of the Russian Federation and possible response actions should be resolved at the UN level, international regulation is needed in this area, says Mikhail Oseevsky, President of PJSC Rostelecom.

“We believe that this is a global international problem that should be addressed at the UN level. Appropriate international regulations must be adopted. Because this zone remains gray,” Oseevsky told reporters on Wednesday.

The head of the company noted that such actions are regarded as a criminal offense from the point of view of international law and the legislation of individual countries.

“And in principle, until recently, this was how it was perceived in the world community. But now we are faced with a situation where the IT Army of Ukraine has appeared. Which is obviously no longer just a community of individuals, but a managed one, we are sure of this, including by the special services, and not only by Ukrainian ones, the community. Which every day carries out active actions, causing harm to both state bodies and companies,” Oseevsky noted.

According to him, the question of possible actions in such a situation needs to be discussed: “is it necessary to be in a state of defense all the time or is it possible to answer in such a fight.”

Earlier, Igor Lyapunov, vice-president of Rostelecom for cyber security, said that Russia should be able to respond to cyber attacks and attack servers that pose a threat.

Since the beginning of the military operation in Ukraine, the websites of Russian companies and government agencies have been subjected to cyberattacks. In Mintsifra and “Rostelecom” their scale is called unprecedented.

Of course, if Putin and the rest of the war criminals would leave Ukrainian sovereign lands,, the situation would right itself. Hats off to the IT Army of Ukraine.

By Treadstone 71

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