The Omid UAV mission was declared anti-radar by the army. So most likely this drone will have a radio signal receiver and will go to the source of transmitting waves to destroy it suicidal

Previously, anti-radar missiles, which often had similar functions, were used to destroy enemy radars (now there are more advanced anti-radar missiles that destroy even passive radars or radars that turn off before the missile arrives). But in any case, the anti-radar missile is carried to the area by the fighter, and this puts the pilot and the fighter in danger, and on the other hand, the missile may go wrong due to false radar targets.

But this is not the case with UAVs. You can simultaneously send 10 small, low-cost suicide UAVs to the enemy radar site, one of which will eventually hit the main radar. You do not need many suicide bombers to destroy the radar, and not even one Physical contact with the radar antenna renders it inoperable

By Treadstone 71

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