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We consider it necessary to publish the locations of Russian terrorist forces in eastern Ukraine.

Donetsk region:

with. A wide beam (near the suburban areas) concentrated mortar calculations of militants with a caliber of 80 mm (the exact number could not be determined). In addition, near the Pyativskyi quarry (the area of ​​the pond of the same name) and the Dynamo car market, there are anti-aircraft guns, which regularly fire on the positions of the anti-terrorist operation forces.

with. October

47 ° 14’07.0 ”N 37 ° 51’28.3” E – territory of a private estate.
There are 30 militants of an unidentified DNR unit.
There are several units of military equipment in the yard of the household, the permanent protection of the object is displayed.

m. Torez

48 ° 01’42.7 ”N 38 ° 37’51.1” E – territory of Kosheliv ATP.
According to local residents, the presence of military equipment of terrorists has been recorded, the ammunition depot is functioning, and militants live in the administrative building.

with. Red Army

47 ° 13’54.8 ”N 37 ° 55’23.9” E – local substation area.
DNR terrorists use all technical means at their own discretion, mainly to meet their own energy needs.

47.231309, 37.931260 – the territory of a private estate.
Location of DNR militants

with. Vedeno

47 ° 12’14.8 ”N 37 ° 55’44.5” E – nearby n.p. there is a powerful fortified area “DNR”.
In the specified place there is a presence of trenches, passages, firing points, caponiers with equipment, as well as disguised mortar calculations.

with. Zaichenko

47 ° 11 ”06.7” N 37 ° 51’51.5 ”E – in one of the private apartments of this n.p. militants live.

Luhansk region:

the location of the NPF and radar communications unit
(coordinates: x 53-61740, y 75-02595)


location of heavy military equipment and ammunition depots

(coordinates: x 53-78155, y 75-24532)

The premises of the Luhansk Regional Military Commissariat are the headquarters of the military unit of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.
Alarm collection of individual units of the NPF is carried out on the territory

(coordinates: x 53-78941 at 75-25078)

territory of the bus fleet – repair of military equipment and its storage

(coordinates: x 53-79011, y 75 24584)

warehouses and location of heavy equipment NZF

(coordinates: x 53-78526, y 75-23781)

village Jubilee (part of Luhansk)

the territory of the industrial zone of the mining and metallurgical company “Alchevsk” – a military base of one of the units of the so-called “People’s Militia of the People’s Republic of China”, which deploys its personnel and stores heavy equipment (armored personnel carriers, tanks);

n.p. Clear

disguised stationary artillery positions – ACS, howitzers

(coordinates: x 53-60449, y 75-05514)

on the territory of the former Luhansk Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine servicemen of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation were moved, enemy military equipment was placed

(coordinates: x 53-80678, y 75-13847)

n.p. Rodokovo

the territory of the training center and the boxes of the hub railway station – military equipment is stored. Also in the specified place trainings of members of NZF are carried out

(coordinates: x53-79789, y75-03696)

n.p. White

territory of the paint and varnish enterprise – art installations of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation are deployed

(coordinates: x 53-73567, y 75-03866)

Also in the specified n.p. there is a military motor vehicle NZF

(coordinates: x 53-73098, y 75-04682)

with. Shimshino

47 ° 13’58.8 ”N 37 ° 55’24.9” E – base of terrorists “LNR”.
There are 15 military trucks on the territory of the facility, which can be identified as Russian according to technical characteristics, and there is an ammunition depot.

48 ° 26’27.8 ”N 38 ° 59’45.5” E – operating military training ground “LNR”.
Mortars (122 mm) and artillerymen are trained on the territory of this shooting range.


the territory of the former military unit is a base and a shooting training center for militants.

(coordinates: x 53-85208, y 75-13163)

the territory of the Belorechensk mine
place of deployment of personnel and military equipment of the regular troops of the Russian Federation

(coordinates: x 53-69128, y75-05433)

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