Internal Defense Against Putinism

Signing of the Free Russia Forum resolution There is another Russia without Putin, after Putin. This is the Russia that the Congress of People's Deputies speaks of as the shadow Russian parliament and the Legion "Freedom of Russia" as the armed wing of the Russian opposition. But for this free Russia to become possible, revolutionary events must occur, the overthrow of power by force. It is impossible to do anything any other way, because no…

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ERAnarchy Etiam si omnes, ego non: radicalism and recklessness

Etiam si omnes, ego non: radicalism and recklessness Exposition of revolutionary anarchism (E.R.A) ERAnarchy September 21, 2023 Oh, the stones are soft wax, the stands are harder than stones.The stone is silent, it does no evil;But the stands speak cruellyPeople can be doomed to death.—William Shakespeare, Titus Andronicus After the war began, some Russians who disapproved of the Russian Federation's actions began to support more radical ideas, learn about radical methods of resistance, or join…

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