Phoenix (chapaev_901), aRU Killnet lackey drops Pakistani #AIFRAMS Employee info

All characters are not fictional. The coincidences are not random. Get comfortable.Communication/collaboration: @chapaev_901 In their own words: Pakistan Disaster Management Authority - EVERYONE! Out of boredom, I remembered my little slut - Pakistan. Found one great thing - Artificial Intelligence Face Recognition Surveillance and Security System (AIFRAMS). The system is protected. but motherfuckers use it, and that's what we need! RU Killnet Members Plus Thus, I decided to throw my Trojan pussy into this hole,…

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RU Analysis of China-Pakistan Alignment

Possible impact of the change of power in Pakistan on China's policy in Central Asia The abrupt change of power in Pakistan raised a logical question: how will the incident affect the balance of power in the region and how difficult it will be for China. Over the past 20 years, the Chinese leadership has invested in a significant number of projects in Pakistan. All of them are connected with the idea of ​​an intercontinental…

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Indoor sub-dock in Karachi, Pakistan

New satellite imagery from KS&EW Industries shows construction of Snabel Type 39 indoor sub-dock in Karachi, Pakistan Pakistani navy buys eight Type 39 diesel-electric offensive submarines from China, first 4 in China and four in Pakistan This version of Type 39 will be a partnership with Pakistan and will feature an independent air propulsion system, weapons, anti-torpedo defense system and Pakistani / Turkish / German sonar

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