Nicaragua – Russian (Rosatom) roadmap for use of nuclear energy

The Nicaraguan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation (Rosatom) signed a roadmap for the peaceful use of nuclear energy during the 12th International Atomexpo Forum, an event of the world nuclear industry held in the Russian city of Sochi, Nicaraguan daily La Prensa reported. “Nicaragua does not have technical or economic resources, nor is it sufficiently prepared to develop this type of energy,” María Elvira Cuadra, sociologist and associate…

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Russia and Nicaragua agree to cooperate – cybersecurity

You have to look at the new [Nicaragua-Russia] alliance as a warning,” Ruíz said. “Russia is looking to deploy its technological and military capabilities to this region, and it is finding allies in Latin America that can enable it to do this.”Mass indoctrinationRussian technology and strategies may also help the regime to drive Nicaragua’s independent media out of cyberspace, so that the population only knows the regime’s version in a kind of mass indoctrination, reported…

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