PMC Wagner Center

Wagner PMC begging for doctors – medical care – replacements

The recurring and not more frequent "Jobs for doctors" (as Wagner posts):Anesthesiologist-resuscitatorGeneral surgeonsTraumatologistsSMP paramedicsFor doctors vacancies contact:@Rabota_Wagner_Medical@SamuelGeji@wagner_group_pmc---------Fodder ReplacementThe PMC "Wagner" continues to recruit volunteers who spare their skills and abilities to help the Motherland achieve victory in the Northern Military District.Key working conditions:• a contract with a salary of 240 thousand rubles and good performance bonuses;• health and life insurance, guarantee of all payments;• provided with modern overalls and the best equipment;• a team focused…

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PMC Wagner Center for Startups

PMC Wagner Center has opened in St. Petersburg - a free office and production site for companies and start-ups whose work is aimed at strengthening the defense and scientific power of Russia. According to the residents of PMC Wagner Center, the main goal of the project is to gather talented people who are not indifferent to the future of Russia. Thanks to the close interaction between the participants of the "Center", there is a…

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