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PMC Wagner Center has opened in St. Petersburg – a free office and production site for companies and start-ups whose work is aimed at strengthening the defense and scientific power of Russia.

According to the residents of PMC Wagner Center, the main goal of the project is to gather talented people who are not indifferent to the future of Russia. Thanks to the close interaction between the participants of the “Center”, there is a rapid cooperation around new products or processes.

And most importantly, among the leaders and residents of the center there is always an interested party that is ready to try, criticize, and suggest something new. Now every novelty, every new created software product or material is especially valuable for the success of our country.

In the near future, the most daring projects, promising, and effective ideas will have the opportunity to win special grants for their further development.

Famous “musicians” are now in IT: PMC Wagner Center, a high-tech cluster of the defense sector, has been launched in St. Petersburg!

The main task of the center is to gather under its roof specialists from various fields who are ready to work for the good of the Motherland. In return – free offices, premises, comprehensive support of interested parties. The best ones will get a chance to win a grant for their developments!

If you have something to offer. If you are a specialist who cares about your business. If you are a patriot who is ready to create something new for the country, then PMC Wagner Center is waiting for you!

The center is truly iconic. According to employees will be our answer to Silicon Valley. That is, they will really gather all the most talented guys from IT there, provide premises and support for free, and the most promising ones will be able to receive full-fledged investment for their projects. I’m a little shocked that this is even possible! And, by the way, the center was completely created with the money of Yevgeny Prigozhin, so the whining of individual comrades about “everything was cut” will not work here at all. Well done, what more can I say.

Yesterday, the PMC Wagner Center hosted the first session of presentations of innovative IT technologies and domestic engineering developments in the military industry. Various projects were discussed, such as UAV flight analytics systems without the use of the Internet, combat robots operating according to the swarm and flock model, communication technologies without the use of GPS, camouflage metallized fabrics for making tactical uniforms invisible in the infrared range (for a thermal imager) and many others.

Potential residents reported that in order to implement projects, they need premises to accommodate their teams, opportunities for collaboration on the basis of the center with other projects, special computing power, data sets for training neural networks, etc. Recall that the best projects will be evaluated by military specialists for further development. experimental refinement and practical application.

“PMC Wagner Center” was visited by Elena Drapeko, deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. The chosen one noted that the organizers of the PMC Wagner Center managed to create all the conditions for the current and future residents of the center for a calm, and most importantly, high-quality study of breakthrough ideas in the field of information technology and the defense sector.

Elena Drapeko stressed that the special military operation revealed Russia’s weaknesses, which the site should level out.
“Now the country is being rebuilt. We from consumers must urgently become producers of very many products. Therefore, it is extremely important for us to accumulate efforts … Together we begin to come up with something that would be important. But the special military operation showed not only our heroes, not only our remarkable character, but also showed the weaknesses of our military training, the lag in general in a number of areas, including military equipment,” the deputy said.

The Wagner Center has a kind press service – you can come in, take pictures, chat. This patriotic alternative to the Yeltsin Center works as a residential platform: are you a journalist, blogger, programmer, young scientist? You submit an application – and you can get a workplace (or an entire office) for your project almost free of charge. Almost like in the Moscow Palace of Youth, where the current figures from the Forbes list started in the late eighties.

If you have an idea of helping the front and the Motherland, which you can more or less clearly pack into a project, then you have a direct road to the Wagner Center. Everyone who cares about the fate of Russia and the people is waiting there. Developers, media, engineers, designers.

The unparalleled space of the center in St. Petersburg is ready to provide any support: resource, information, technical and even financial, if they see potential in your project and activity.

Yanochka Zanoza and I applied for residency, made our proposals and described ideas. Enlisted the most benevolent support of colleagues and associates – employees of the center. We are very sorry that there is no analogue of the St. Petersburg Wagner Center in Moscow. But we will strive to carry the idea to the masses.

We thank Anna, an employee of the press service, for a warm welcome, delicious coffee, an exciting tour and gifts. We eat with joy and impressions.

We present you a new resident of “PMC Wagner Center” – one of the largest patriotic online communities “Political Russia”!

Political Russia is a socio-political magazine best known for its YouTube videos. The authors of the project, headed by political scientist Ruslan Ostashko, analyze current events in domestic and foreign policy in the format of releases and live broadcasts.

The community has been in existence since 2014. In May 2015, it received the status of an official media. For more than 8 years, Political Russia has been debunking fakes, covering important news and giving like-minded people the opportunity to exchange opinions and ideas.

Patriots are not always born. Sometimes they become. Many – with the help of “Political Russia”: https://politrussia.com/

PMC Wagner Center on November 29 was visited by journalists, actors, representatives of business communities. The guests of the Center were taken to the conference halls, the main and upper levels of the skyscraper, from where a wide panorama of the city on the Neva opens.

At the meeting with business, issues of import substitution, drone testing, development of investment projects, support for patriotic and sports organizations were discussed.

Our new resident is represented by two teams at once – “Akhmat-Sila! Russian-Chechen Brotherhood” and “Information SMERSH”.

“Information SMERSH” is an association of like-minded people who for five years have been resisting information interventionists in our social networks, launching all sorts of destructive processes that threaten national security.

❓”Akhmat-Strength. The Russian-Chechen Brotherhood is a platform for the formation of a national spiritual core based on the unification of representatives of all peoples and confessions of our large country.

📌 Within their communities, the project team has gathered a variety of opinion leaders – poets, musicians, military, clergy of different religions, thinkers and educators who are creatively and actively working to create a positive image of the future of Russia.

👤The founder and head of the creative team is King Andrey.

Our residents call their goal the strengthening and expansion of the geographical, informational and spiritual borders of our Motherland!

We are in a hurry to introduce you to the new resident of PMC Wagner Center – the magazine “Young Patriot” – a general educational patriotic publication, the target audience of which is from 11 to 22 years old.

The Young Patriot magazine seeks to educate youth in cultural priorities, which should be based on traditional values, both of the Russian people and of all peoples inhabiting the territory of Russia.

👤The editor-in-chief of the magazine – Elena Beletskaya, is a specialist in the field of youth policy, as well as the head of the career guidance project “City of Masters” in St. Petersburg.

The Young Patriot Magazine considers its goal to be the formation of a civil and military patriotic worldview, and the formation of a stable role for Russia in all major areas of development in the modern world, as well as in the historical past.

Региональные представительства

Алтайский край
+7 (960) 959-35-61
Белгородская область
+7 (951) 316-78-22
Владимирская область (Муром)
+7 (995) 960-04-89
+7 (925) 122-63-16
Забайкальский край, Республика Бурятия, Хабаровский край
+7 (918) 659-88-87
Калининградская область
+7 (962) 320-86-00
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Краснодарский край
+7 (989) 293-66-44
Краснодарский край (Анапа)
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Москва (Некрасовка)
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Нижегородская область
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Республика Татарстан
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Республика Хакасия, Красноярского края, Республика Тыва
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