Brazilian – Nigerian Data For Sale

For Sale: Brazil 160m Data Leak - National Taxpayer Registry DatabaseBrazil "topsecret" government database. Source appears to be national taxpayer registry database. I am not certain. Every fields has tax payer data. It also has medical records number.Total population of Brazil 213m. Total Database 160m. Database to be 70% of entire Brazil population, or entire population old enough to pay taxes (register with Taxpayer database). Source:Data comes from Elasticsearch Server.   Download June 2023.Origin IP: Data…

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RU Intel and Wagner in Nigeria

Nigeria is ripe for intelligence sharing between public and private security organizations Some players in the security sector advocate intelligence sharing and cooperation between public and private security organizations to address the prevailing security concerns in the country. They did so at the closing of a two-day joint public-private security roundtable organized by the Nigerian Army Resource Center (NARC) in collaboration with Halogen Security Company Limited in Abuja. NARC director, retired Major General Garba Wahab…

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5067 Nigerians killed by violence and instability in 2021

Journalists from TheCable published a statistical report in which they reported that in 2021 in Nigeria, an average of 14 people died as a result of violence every day. This is almost 50% more than last year. The total number of victims was 5067 people. Killed militants, jihadists and criminals are excluded from this. Key points of the report: A total of 1024 attacks were registered, Averaged 3 attacks every day,The state of Zamfara and…

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