Nigeria is ripe for intelligence sharing between public and private security organizations

Some players in the security sector advocate intelligence sharing and cooperation between public and private security organizations to address the prevailing security concerns in the country.

They did so at the closing of a two-day joint public-private security roundtable organized by the Nigerian Army Resource Center (NARC) in collaboration with Halogen Security Company Limited in Abuja.

NARC director, retired Major General Garba Wahab said the impact of insecurity is felt by every Nigerian, regardless of status, class, creed or religion.

Wahab said that everyone needs to recognize that security issues require a whole-of-society approach to address them.

He said the round table was organized to discuss the role of the private sector in bridging the gap in intelligence gathering and sharing among relevant players.

The purpose of the interaction was to get everyone to work as a team, understand each other and determine the roles they were to play.

According to him, to make it work better, we have to work together, because the solution to our problem lies with us, and we have to work as a team to be able to move on.

“This is the first time we’re getting together and it’s after that that we’ll look at what you’re doing and determine what to do next so that everyone works at the same table.”

Halogen Group COO Dr. Weil Adeagbo said that in order to solve the security problem, the existing gap in the existing national security system must be addressed.

Adeagbo said Nigeria has a huge resource with more than two million private security guards across the country that it has yet to tap.

There are more than three million unofficial security guards in the country, he said, amounting to three times the total number of all regular officers in Nigeria.

“Not only do we have these numbers, practically every street in Nigeria has a private security guard, formal and informal.

“So, what better solution and security than to use this resource that we have?

“So the point of this whole conversation is really how can we build a structure around this private resource and ensure they become an integral part of this security solution in Nigeria,” he said.

Adeagbo said it was necessary to have a nation in which its ability to defend itself was increased by bringing in more people, agencies and organizations.

He said there was a need to create a safe environment in which there would be greater collaboration among all agencies to make efficiency and effectiveness much more achievable.

“So, we are all looking forward to the situation when this can be translated into real practice,” he added.

The Nigerian News Agency (NAN) reports that the participants in the roundtable were drawn from the armed forces, police, as well as intelligence, paramilitary and private security organizations. (NAS)


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