National Unity Day. And today we are united in resisting Putin’s anti-people regime

Unlike Putin’s propagandists, we believe that real unity is known only in struggle. According to OVD-info, during anti-war actions since the end of February, the dogs of the regime have made 19,335 arrests in 226 settlements across the country. Across the country, military enlistment offices and administrative buildings are being burned, at least 75 at the end of October, according to Mediazona. And a myriad of unknown partisans who perform more modest feats every day, punishing accomplices of the Kremlin regime, destroying Z-propaganda, spreading anti-war appeals.

The most high-profile cases of our associates in recent times:

  • Irkutsk partisan, hero Ruslan Zinin, who shot the military commissar, protesting against mobilization.
  • Heroes of rail resistance from Bashkortostan, four 17- and 18-year-old activists who made a mess not only in the republic, but throughout the country.
  • Brutal partisan from Uryupinsk, nationalist Mikhail Filatov, who set fire to the military enlistment office along with his old VAZ.

What unites all these stories? The common goal and vision of a free Russia of the future, where fate will be decided not by the Chekists and the former Soviet nomenklatura, but by people who really care for their people and their well-being.

By Treadstone 71

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