Kaman 22

Various IRGC missiles and UAVs

An exhibition of achievements of the Aerospace Forces of the IRGC opened in Iranian Qom. Various missiles and UAVs are shown, including reconnaissance and strike Shahed-129, Shahed-191, etc., as well as Shahed-136 "kamikaze" drones. Actually, the most interesting point here is that for the first time in Iran it was officially announced that the range of the Shahed-136 is up to 2500 km, the total weight is 200 kg and the weight of the warhead…

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Kaman 12 and 22 Drones

Combat and reconnaissance drones of Kaman 12 and Kaman 22 of the Air ForceKaman 12 combat drone with an operating range of 1000 km has the ability to carry 100 kg of smart bombs. Kaman 22 UAV has a body design with steep angles and a low radar cross-sectional area and has an operating range of about 3000 km and the ability to carry 300 kg of air-launched ammunition.

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