Protests to Riots in Baghdad and Karbala as Iraqis stand against poor conditions and Iranian interference

Plans for more protests tomorrow

Clashes in Karbala at the entrance of Al-Memafiz Street near the Karbala governorate and the provincial council. Security forces are trying to reclaim blocked roads

Videos of Iraqi youth barricading on Baghdad’s Republic Bridge

Iraqi youth do not give up and will fight until final victory over Quds Force affiliates

looting government property and burning offices and buildings in Iraq

Nearly one million Iraqi protesters have continued their protests in the capital’s Tahrir Square. Protesters from Iraq reported that during the day they tried to move to the heavily guarded green area of Baghdad, but were repeatedly pushed back by security forces with tear gas.

The presidency, the prime minister and most of the government buildings and foreign embassies are located in Baghdad’s Green Zone.

Protesters have been dancing and dancing and dancing at Tahrir Square in Baghdad since Sunday evening, and have decided with great determination not to leave the battlefield of their country.

Anti-corruption, non-interference by the Islamic Republic of Iran and militias under its control are the main demands of the protesters.

The Republic Bridge to Tahrir Square in Baghdad

Pictures of demonstrations by Iraqi people in #Baghdad